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SAP /SAP Interface Optimizing License Cost

With the experience of innovative team, development of Java and .NET external applications that use SAP data and functional possibilities, clients can now reduce development costs by 4060 percent.

Many companies use an ERP solution from SAP refuse these days to implement it in their branches and trade missions due to its cost and excessive functions. Creation of external applications provides you with the following benefits

  • Greatly reduce development costs
  • Optimize licensing expenses
  • Have all the required functionality implemented
  • Implement additional functionality (e.g. connection to different devices like mobile phones and PDA)

FirstOne has solid experience in ISA 95 integration according to the industrial standard. Adherence to this standard can significantly reduce technological and project risks associated with tasks for integration of MES and ERP solutions.

Moreover, FirstOne developers have deep expertise in SAP integration, including Web service interfaces (SOAP) that allow building SOA infrastructures based on SAP solutions. The department also offers reverse engineering, which greatly increases integrative possibilities of a legacy system, even if they were not provided in the system.