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myDMS- Employee Personal Document Management System

Employee Personal Document Management System, myDMS is a SAP ABAP Addon used to automate the document renewal process. Employee documents such as Iqama, Passport, Driving license, Insurance expiry intimation, send email alert, Renewal Workflow automated System.

myDMS - Employee Personal Document Management System

Business Requirement

  • Your company produces a huge volume of document every day.
  • Each document contains different process.
  • Document are created ,created documents are forwarded ,forwarded documents are checked and finally stored.
  • These process are done manually which takes a lot of time and your resources.
  • This is why its worth taking time to look at this process and optimize them.


  • The myDMS will do the process automatically by intimating the employee on document expiry date and allow them to create renewal request from our system.
  • Automate the approval process and send email alerts to the approving authorities to complete the process as quick as possible.
  • Upon Renewal, the new expiry date will be updated to our system which will allow the system to intimate the employee on next expiry.

Product features

  • EDMS is an ABAP add-on, which is developed and deployed under the ABAP stack of SAP Netweaver Application Server 7.0
  • EDMS will pull the employee details from the HR Info type data and synchronize periodically with the SAP system.
  • A background process will monitor the expiry date and send Email intimation to the employee on document expiry date.
  • Renewal Workflow Automated System, Workflow &Approval process will be handled automatically by the system which allows collective approval by the approving authorities.
  • During the approval process, an email notification will be given to the managers involved in the approval process.
  • Upon renewal and once the new expiry date is updated, the background process will start monitor the updated date and intimate on next expiry.

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