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iDelegate - Delegation of Authority

Delegation of Authority, iDelegate is a SAP ABAP Addon used to automate the delegation of authority process within SAP. This will have workflow in-built, send email alert, assigning SAP authorization.

Business Requirement

  • DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY is an important process that happens manually in an Industry or Organization. Delegation means transferring of authority to someone else of the same designation. Or otherwise it is known as Assigning of Duties to another capable individual.
  • DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY happens when the respective authority leaves the organization for business, administrative or vacation purposes. The Incumbent Absentee fills a form for his purpose of delegation indicating the number of days, date, assigned deputy, reason for his absence and forward the form to his higher authority.
  • The approval of the Delegation is done according to the work flow of the Organization. Like an employee must get his approval from his section supervisor and department manager. Similarly this work flow changes when higher officials decide to delegate.
  • Delegation process is mandatory in any organization to assign one’s authorization, workflow and release strategy to an assigned deputy for a specific period of time
  • Delegate / Revoke SAP access & authorization, workflow to be done promptly with no impact on the business release strategies.
  • Workflow incorporated controls on approval process is required


  • iDelegate System will do the Delegation of Authority process electronically, which allow the concern employee to create the delegation request from the system.
  • Automate the approval process, Send email alerts and notifications to the approving authorities to complete the process quicker.
  • Upon Approval, iDelegate system will automatically assign the SAP authorization to the assigned deputy for the specific period of time.
  • Revoke back the SAP authorization after the assigned time period.

Product features

  • iDelegate is an ABAP add-on, which is developed and deployed under the ABAP stack of SAP Netweaver Application Server 7.0
  • iDelegate will pull the employee details from the HR Info type data and synchronize periodically with the SAP system.
  • Once the delegation request was created, Approval workflow process will be handled automatically by the system which alerts the approving authorities to participate in the process.
  • During every stage of the approval process, an email alert / notification will be given to all approving authorities involved in the process.
  • Upon approval of the DOA (delegation of authority) request, system will send email circular to the all concern parties of the corporate with an attachment of approved delegation request in prescribed template in PDF form
  • Automatically assign the SAP authorisation of incumbent absentee to the assigned deputy.
  • Automatically do the workflow substitution process as per the requested DOA (delegation of authority) which enables the assigned deputy to get the workflow items of incumbent absentee in his/her Inbox.
  • Automatically assign the release code of incumbent absentee to assign deputy, so that the assigned deputy can perform the approvals of vital document such as Purchase Order, Purchase Requisition on behalf of incumbent absentee.
  • Provision to change / extend the delegation has been incorporated.