With thousands of people needlessly dying on the job every year, one can't help but wonder what's going wrong for a corporation to implement a Safety Management System it will cost money, but the price tag is miniscule when compared with benefits of having a healthy workforce.

Ultimately, the money an organization saves as a result of fewer production days lost to sick leave, significantly reduced liability expenses, and an increase in employee satisfaction far outweighs the cost of the initial Safety Management Program. PLANT safe Environmental, Health and Safety management software solutions help organizations across all industries improve performance, mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

Unsafe Condition / Unsafe Act Process Flow
    1. Employee will select the unsafe condition / unsafe act option.
    2. Employee will fill the required information and submits it.
    3. It has to be reviewed and released by his immediate supervisor within 2 working days (else the system should ask justification for delay before sending, if it is more than 2 working days).
    4. Once released, it will be routed to the concerned department Safety representative (focal point) under intimation to ISD Department/Safety Section.
    5. He should accept or reject the unsafe condition / unsafe act report within 5 working days from the date of receiving the report.
    6. If accepted, he should list out the actions that shall be taken to close the report. (if there are no actions to be taken, then mention appropriate comments and close the report).
    7. Once all the actions, if any, are closed, the unsafe condition / unsafe act report gets closed.
    8. If rejected, he should write justification which will be routed to his department Manager. When the Manager verifies and endorses the justification, the unsafe condition / unsafe act report will get closed with intimation to reporting department and ISD Department/Safety Section.
    9. The above process flow will have additional/minor changes during the development stage.
Accident / Incident Process Flow
    1. Reporter (Employee) will select the Incident option.
    2. The Reporter will fill the required information and submits/initiates it.
    3. In case of injury incident, Occupational Information Report will be generated by the Clinic Section and is routed to the concerned Department Manager and Safety Representative. Then, the concerned department, in case incident report is not raised, will raise an Incident report based on Occupational Information Report.
    4. The Incident report should immediately go to the Safety representative for review and necessary feedBack goes to the Reporter or will be forwarded to the concerned Department Manager (where the incident has occurred) after verification, with intimation to the Reporter, Reporter’s immediate supervisor and Reporter’s Department Manager.
    5. The Safety representative, if required, should be able to return with comments/corrections to the Reporter for any raised incident report.
    6. Only when Safety representative returns the report Back to the Reporter, the Reporter can edit the submitted report.
    7. Safety focal point should be able to carry out necessary corrections in the report (if required) and further classify the incident.
    8. Safety representative forwards the report to Concerned Department Manager after verification.
    9. The Concerned Department should have the option to return the incident report to Safety Representative, in case of any corrections and providing valid justification for returning.
    10. The department (Manager) shall complete the required information in the incident report.
    11. The concerned department manager or above shall appoint an Investigation Authority for any minor and major incidents.
    12. The Investigation Authority will nominate a Team Leader and other team members under confirmation from ISD Department/Safety Section.
    13. The Team Leader along with his team members shall carry out the investigation and submits the report to the investigator with recommendations / actions, target dates and responsible departments.
    14. When the Investigation Authority verifies and approves the investigation report, the recommendations/actions shall be routed to the responsible departments for implementation and closure.
    15. The responsible departments have to complete the recommendations /actions within the target frame allotted.
    16. The investigator shall verify the closure of recommendations/ actions and close it, in coordination with ISD Department/Safety Section.
    17. The Safety Representative/Department will forward comments, if any, or confirm the acceptance of closure of recommendations/actions.
    18. Once closed, the Report is published in the bulletin board of the EHS IMS System.
Suggesstion Process Flow
    1. Reporter (Employee) will have the privilege to select the suggestion system option from the opening Main screen.
    2. Employee will fill the suggestion form.
    3.Once the employee releases the RC Culture committee representative gets mail intimation for evaluation.
    4. RC Culture committee representative evaluates from the options available and releases the form.
    5. Employee gets feedBack on his suggestion after evaluation.
    6. All the suggestions are tracked based on evaluation.
    7. Reports can be taken based on the reported suggestions.
    8. The above process flow will have additional/minor changes during the development stage.